So I have been thinking about sex. I know crazy thing for a guy to be thinking about right. What I have been thinking about is not lustfull but rather the impact that sex has on us all the time and how that impact can be wonderful and harmful depending on the circumstances of the act itself. My wife and I did not have sex untill our wedding night and I mean not at all the farthest we ever went was some very passionate kissing and at that point we had to stop
Ourselfs as to not go to far. We set limits for our time alone together because we both wanted to honor God and wait. Now the both of us had had sex befor we met each other and the experiances left us with baggage to say the least. We both wished that we could be each others first and learn about sex from each other in a compleatly trusting enviorment but because we both had previous experiances we had to overcome those befor we could start again. What we had and have going for us is the fact that despite the past we started the future of on the right foot by placing God first and waiting. The thing that caught us off guard was the general amazment by our christain friends that we were able to wait. I remember thinking “is it really so hard to hold off” because even though there was always that desire to act on those feelings I still didn’t feel that it was that difficult to not do it. In my heart I was so much more concerned with respecting God and my wife than giving in. So the issue at hand is weather or not to have sex befor you get married.
The arguments about this subject have all been descused befor over and over again and the reality is still the same people are going to do it but why. Why is it so hard to understand the importance of waiting and in my opinon it is the tack that is often used to discurage us, first there’s fear then there’s guilt. Fear and guilt are just not good enough motivators though the best is love. Love of God, yourself and others. Gods law is not there to deny us plesures but to make sure that we fully experiance those plesures that God has provided us in the manner in which he created them for. There is nothing in my life that I wish I could have a second chance at more than making my wife my first. I know now that that is something I will never have and no mater how much you love the person you are with there is no garaunte that they will be your one and only untill you put on that wedding ring and stand befor God and promise him that you will forsake all others for this person. There is something else that is great about waiting and you don’t have to be a virgen to experiance it and that is (if you wait) being able to stand up at your wedding and know that you are presenting yourselfs to each other pure in the eyes of God. That by itself was one of the best feelings I have ever felt in my whole life. I guess the real question that someone should also themselfs is not why wait but why not wait. There is no such thing as casual sex you are always leaving a part of yourself with that person and taking a part of them with you for the rest of your life. Thouse little pieces will be something that will come between you and the one that you eventually decide to spend the rest of your life with. There is no rush there is no reason to rush. We need to remember that when we consider the subject of sex.


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