Money and success don’t equal freedom. Freedom is only achieved in the a mind that is in the service of beliefs that serve the discipline of freedom. To truly be free you have to learn to be free. If you do not have the correct mindset then you will always be a slave to something be it poverty or success. Freedom carry’s with it a great deal of responsibility, the greatest of which is choice. People more often than not take this for granted or simply underestimate its power. That is the reasons why most people only have the illusion of freedom but they are really just a slave who thinks he is free. There are systems in place in our lives that were built by people who understood that the vast majority of people don’t understand how to be free and built theses systems to take advantage of our right to chose freely and steer us towards choosing to live as slaves to there systems for there personal gain. In contrast there are systems that are there to make you free and true freedom is only gained by educating ourselves and choosing to follow and participate in freeing beliefs, systems and philosophy’s as opposed choosing those that would steel our freedom from us. I would like to thank Chris Hughes for having a passion for the development of free people whose work has helped bring my own beliefs into sharp focus.


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