Thank you?

Thank you mandatory education for teaching me to read and write. Thank you for math and science and history at least the parts that you were allowed to teach me. Thanks for asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. As long as it was a vocation that required higher education. Thank you for telling me that I could be anything I wanted to be but never giving any inclination as how I could achieve those dreams. Thank you for never informing me that the collage you always urged me to would cost so much that after I graduate the higher income I would earn would be cut in half by the taxes and student loans. Thank you for never teaching me the importance of being independent and self sufficient. Learning how to self educate so my skills could grow beyond the frame work of Pre approved outlines. Thank you for committing me to a path of indentured servitude to an others hopes and dreams. Thank you for showing me that the safest way to live is to fall in line and never rock the boat. I thank you for all you have done but I don’t think that I will be leaving my children in you hands. I won’t be satisfied to have them as cogs in a machine that would simply have them live a life of quit desperation. I won’t be happy to have then simply regurgitate facts and figures without be coming wiser from the knowledge. They will learn that while we are still free there is nothing they can not learn and that developing them selfs is the greatest lessen they will ever learn. I apologize to the government for the freedom that I will teach my children to possess.


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