An observation of Obama care.

With the government shut down polarizing an already deeply divided nation I thought I would throw some observations and some clarifications of what I see going on based on some very recent experiences with government services here in California. It is important to note that my observations are based on the mess that is the state of California of which I am a life long resident.
On august the 21st of this year I was at work going about my normal routine and pretty much just counting the days till October the 28th, the due date of my wife and i’s second child. When my supervisor came out into the shop (I am a mechanic by trade) and told me that we had a meeting in his office. Now at this point I was a little concerned because in June our company had been bought by our largest competitor and despite being assured that nothing was going to change. Disbelief of there assurance had most everybody on edge. On that day one of my worst fears was realized. I lost my job and my very good health insurance with a pregnant wife and an almost three year old daughter at home. We are a single income family and in one moment became a no income family. After five years with this company I was gone so now what do I do!
Well the first thing I did was file for unemployment, something I had never done before and had never wanted to have to do. Then I had to figure out how I was going to get health insurance for my eight months pregnant wife. What I found out was how difficult that was going to be because of the impending implementation of Obama care. You see California has high risk healthcare plans but they stopped accepting new applications in March 2013 nine months before the programs the would replace it would be implemented. This got me thinking about all the people who must have become victims of the “important” changes to healthcare being forced upon the American people. Now the use of force is what brings up my first point about the fight over the affordable healthcare act and the shutdown. Force is not a term I use to show political bias but simple to undue the current onslaught of propaganda permeating our media. If you can think back to shortly after our presidents first election and the proposal of his new healthcare plan. People were on the whole excited, that was until the details began to come out about one political party’s plans for the future of American healthcare. Now try to remember if you can the months that followed and the growing discontent over the proposed affordable healthcare act. The majority of the public didn’t like it! That’s not an opinion that just the truth! It’s what happened. People really got upset though when the party who was backing it just told the public that they were going to get it weather they liked it or not, because they had the majority’s in both houses of congress and the support of the president! Well that just what they did, they thumbed there nose at the will of the people and did what they thought was best. Now the people of this country want significant change in healthcare but they want it done in a way that both sides can agree on, or at least that is what I remember every news broadcast with a public opinion poll concluding. Now they forced it through congress with almost no bipartisan support and got there way. However there was a price to there actions. There application of force resulted in a significant turnover during the mid term elections. A forfeiture of the majority in the house and significant narrowing of the gap in the senate, so maybe there was something the people could do about a forceful congress. However whenever the people elected to undue the congresses act of force try this tidbit of propaganda is used to mislead a public who seem to so quickly forget the past, “these are expenses and debts that congress has already approved!” But did we forget they were sent there with the specific task of reversing what the people didn’t want forced upon them.
Now as cobra insurance was far to expensive for us to manage even with family offering to help and all other programs closed we were faced with applying to medical. Which is the states own health care system. A system that is pretty heavily burdened. Now going through this process has not eased my terror over the government being in charge of healthcare. We are still fighting with them over mistakes they made but insist are our fault. There is a general sense of not wanting to be bothered by the very people they are there to help, apathy would be the best way to describe it. Now these will be the people who will be administering the new healthcare program that even before being implemented was overwhelmed. Probably due to all the people in the state who had been cut off from services that were already working.
I get that there are plenty of places in this United States that basically leave people to fend for themselves and that reform is necessary. There are large portions of the affordable healthcare act that I like and think are necessary. However I live in a state that has already encroached upon healthcare in ways that are similar (albeit less aggressive) to the new federal system. So here is what I know from that experience. I said in the beginning that I had really good health insurance with my employer and I meant it. The thing is that the only reason it was so good was because it was from Alabama were my company was based not California. I found this out when I tried to get my own insurance and found out that the same company that carried my group plan in Alabama didn’t offer a plan that came close in California to what I had, and it didn’t matter how much I could have payed! Now that was a shock to me because as far as I could tell from my dealings with my Alabama based company was that it was a little backwards and archaic. Yet I could get better cheaper health insurance from a major provider there than here. Then I found out why. My progressive state of residence had made the cost of doing business so unbearable that insurance company’s simply couldn’t offer the same things here that they could in other places. Which has made health insurance more expensive for both groups and individuals while offering less. That in turn has caused there to be more people to go on government run programs and since the state programs don’t pay hospitals and physicians nearly as well as private insurance they either don’t accept Medi-cal patients or they overcharge the private insurance company’s for basics to make up the difference. Then of course the insurance company’s raise there premiums. Thus continues a vicious cycle and nothing ever gets fixed. Now people in states where this has been going on for years think it’s a good idea and people in states like Alabama are terrified to see this happen to them and so goes the argument between government encroachment and government regulation. One seeks balance through force and the other through guidelines. Everybody agrees that we need reform but we can’t agree on what kind. Now that being said we have a partisan government and they argue, thats kind of there job and that what you elected them to do so don’t get made or turn your back on them when they do it. However you do elect somebody to be the moderator in the fighting. Did you guess who that is? Yep the president, and if you don’t think so then do some research all the way back to the first one. Washington even went as far as to urge congress and the people to not allow partisanship in the government in his far well address. Don’t believe me? Read it yourself The president doesn’t have the right to say I won’t negotiate with congress just to get his way. Just like I have had to swallow my own pride and get help to support my family he needs to man up and work something out to get this country back on track. I am thankfull for the assistance I am getting I’m our time of need but to be honest I have been paying for this through taxes since I started working.


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