Late night thought

Its late the whole house is asleep except for me. I find all to often these days that when I aught to be going to sleep that my mind becomes active in the silence of night.  A thousand subjects roll through my head and I hardly have time examine one thought befor another calls for my attention. All the subjects are deep far to envolved to get into durring the busy day.  Life with two young children often requires the sacrifice of lazy contemplation.  However these thoughts must be worked out, must be addressed.  They are not idle mussings they are the questions of life, the irrepressible nagging of the human mind. However they are unworked, messy far to disorganized to be expressed properly. So I am left with just there energy pushing back the sleep I need, the sleep I want. But as I type there manic nature abates and begins to wain. The once frantic calamity now but a humble buzz in the backround. However the withdrawl is to quick and fatigue swiftly inebriats my expression. So now to sleep I hear the call. Goodnight and please forgive my interuption.


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